Scribble Showcases off to a flying start

If you’re into watching, playing or making things for screens, Press Play is where you should be on Friday night.

Press Play is the second of the monthly Scribble Showcases presented by Scribble Creative and Pozible to bring creative people together in Pozible’s gorgeous space in Collingwood, Melbourne.

The series, which showcases projects that have been funded with a Pozible campaign, began in September with the Scribble Salon, which was all about writing and independent publishing.

A massive success, it was co‑presented with local non‑profit the Rag and Bone Man Press and featured Jessica Knight, Nick Hadgelias, Alison Strumberger and Chris Shorten, plus those who braved the open-mic, including Alex O’Sullivan and Philippe Perez. The Plus Ones gave it quite the glowing review.

Press Play is October’s shindig. It’s on at 6 to 9pm, Friday 23 October, and is all about screen creations — film, webseries and videogames.

The format of the Scribble Showcases is: eating, drinking and talking interspersed with (in this case) film and videogame trailers, webisodes, live in‑conversations with creators, videogames to play, and short talks from industry people like Kylie Eddy who used to run the Melbourne Queer Film Festival is now the big boss of Lean Filmmaking.

Plus, we’ve got a bunch of door prizes being drawn throughout the night: tickets to Melbourne WebFest, consultations with arts lawyers, stuff like that.

You get all that and two free drinks for just $15. Totally cheaper than just going out for a couple of drinks. Or even less if you email us for a chance to win a freebie or a discount! Book right now this second.


If you have an idea for a future Scribble Showcase, please email Sarah Jansen.