It’s Sunday’s Roast and everyone is heated

Felicity Campbell’s grown-up children are moving back to her place and bringing their partners with them, but while preparing for their arrival she discovers that she may have to prepare for a new arrival of her own. With no time to deal with her pregnancy, Felicity’s offspring arrive … with one thing on their minds — sex.

A disaster for the Campbells, this awkward family situation makes for a hilarious night at the theatre. ‘Sunday’s Roast’ is coming full circle, showing for the final time at its opening venue, Carlton’s La Mama Courthouse on 18–29 Jan.

Writer and Director Tim P Driver shares, “It’s actually really rewarding seeing something all the way through to this point now. I don’t like to linger too long on a project, but with ‘Sunday’s Roast’, watching it come to completion like this has been really satisfying. Is that a sex analogy?”

This is the final production for Driving Monks Productions, a five-year-old production company founded by Jennifer Monk and Tim P. Driver. Monk says that over their time together she and Driver “… have accomplished so much as creative people and partners and we would not be able to take these next steps if we hadn’t created this company and learned from the experience.”

After this performance Monk will be focusing on her all-female acting collective Girls Act Good and touring her show ‘To Lonely, With Love’. Driver also has exciting plans for the future, including a new show for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival with his comedy group Shush. Please. and launching the Melbourne Independents Project, an organisation he founded with Samantha Cunningham (Assistant Director on ‘Sunday’s Roast’) to encourage and develop independent theatre across Melbourne by creating stronger partnerships.

In case that wasn’t enough Driver says, “And just so I don’t get bored, there’s a couple of scripts in the pipeline too, gotta keep way too busy!” Monk reassures us that this won’t be the last time the pair work together creatively, “but it will be the last time under the Driving Monks banner, and while that is a little sad it is also a celebration!”

When asked about awkward sex and sexuality conversations with his own family Driver admits, “I have had so many awkward sexuality conversations within my family, especially coming out twice (thought I’d changed my mind after the first time), and also having a deeply uncomfortable conversation about anal sex and the (not great) risk of kidney disease”. Driver explains that his family don’t talk as “candidly” about sex as the Campbells, which made it enjoyable to explore in ‘Sunday’s Roast’.

Monk believes the secret to a successful team is inspiring and supporting each other and their ideas. She reveals that, “Often Tim will call me with his crazy and out‑of‑this‑world project idea, which I would say ‘that’s ridiculous how can we do that?’ And then the next day I would call back and say ‘yes let’s do it, I know how we can.’” Driver defends his ‘crazy’ ideas, “twenty-five accents in a play was not ENOUGH accents, let alone too many!”

Describing what keeps him creating, Driver says, “I think part of what keeps me motivated is that I just can’t imagine doing anything else. I have to create stories and I have to tell them.”

Sunday’s Roast is playing for the final time at La Mama Courthouse from 18 to 29 January, Wednesday 6:30pm, Thursday to Saturday 7:30pm, Sunday 4:00pm. Tickets are $25 full and $15 concession and can be purchased online at or via phone: 03 9347 6142